New Interview and 5 Star Review on!

catholicfictionIt’s a double play! Today on, check out my latest Children of the Good interview, and read a 5 star review of the book by author and contributing writer Ann Frailey. How fun!

interviewClick here to read the full interview!

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The 21st Century Through the Eyes of Columbus

columbus_samana_cay_600It has become a standard of the politically correct these days to decry Christopher Columbus as the founder of the American slave trade, the prime agent of genocide against the Native American Peoples, a religious bigot who imposed Catholicism on the New World… But have you ever stopped to wonder what Columbus might think of 21st Century,  politically correct America? What we might look like to Columbus (or anyone from his era), if the lens of time were reversed and he could pass judgment on us?

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So You Think Halloween is a Pagan Holiday? YOU’RE WRONG!!!

surprise-halloween-is-not-a-pagan-festival-after-all-1-638Where I live in small town, rural Missouri, Baptists, Pentecostals, Fundamentalists, and non-denominational Protestants outnumber Catholics by at least 10 to 1 (probably more). And every year, right about this time (mid-October), it begins. Sincere, Protestant Christians with excruciatingly little knowledge of the ancient origins of their own faith take up the chorus, “Halloween is evil! … It’s pagan! … It’s the Devil’s birthday! …” All charges that the tiniest bit of research, even the click of just a couple of Google links easily proves is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! While it’s true that our American secular culture has twisted the holiday in many regrettably gruesome directions, its roots are purely Christian. Like so many wonderful things the Catholic Church has given the world, such as the Bible, the Christian Faith, Christmas and Easter, She is also the architect of Halloween!

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Happy #AllHallowsRead!

All Hallows ReadI love Twitter. Every day my Twitter friends help me discover new and wonderful things. Today’s discovery is #AllHallowsRead, the first seriously great addition to the Halloween holiday tradition I’ve seen in a long time! Created by author Neil Gaiman, All Hallows Read is more than a simple website, it’s a movement! Here’s how Horror giant Stephen King describes it:

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