Welcome to Frugalville!

By-sowing-frugality-we-reap-liberty-a-golden-harvest.I’ve added a new “title” to my FelixWhelan.com blog banner. I’m still an author, publisher, family man, Catholic and vegetarian, but now I also find myself the newly-elected (“drafted” might be a more accurate term) Mayor of Frugalville! This post marks the launch of a new, and I think exciting, section of this blog, appropriately titled Welcome to Frugalville!

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Religious Freedom Means More Than Just “Freedom to Go to Church”

BOY DISPLAYS SIGN DURING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RALLY IN GREEN BAYI highly, highly recommend this important article by Sarah Torre, posted September 21st on The Daily Signal website. Read the whole post… Read it twice! Very insightful!

Don’t Buy the Lie That Freedom to Worship Is the Same as Religious Freedom

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