Every year, Americans throw away $165 billion of food!

greatestcrimeDid you know that 40% (forty percent!!!) of all the food purchased in America winds up in the trash can? Disgraceful! Read this awesome post by Deena Shanker on Buzzfeed.com to discover 34 ways to waste less food (with colorful pics, to boot).

34 Ways to Waste Less Food

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Aspiring Artists Should Study the Masters – Writing Advice from Great American Authors

elmoreleonard-e1327977442380I’ve been reading Stephen King’s On Writing this week, and that got me surfing for more gems of authorial wisdom on the Internet – which led me to the world’s coolest website, openculture.com. Subtitled “The Best Free Cultural and Educational Media on the web,” Open Culture is all that and more. It is an extraordinarily deep repository of free online courses, movies, audiobooks, eBooks, textbooks, language lessons, articles, interviews, and so much more. It’s a smart person’s paradise, and I suggest you spend some quality time there soon! This morning’s Open Culture excursion took me to the land of great writers, so here’s a compilation of tips from some of my favorite authors:

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future pastWhile writing Children of the Good: S1:E1- Series Premier, I read a number of very helpful books on indie publishing (a side career I have been pursuing, in one form or another, since 2006), and especially about creating an author platform. I can’t seem to locate the actual quote, and I apologize for not giving proper attribution, but one really terrific piece of advice contained in one of those books went something like this:

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